Signed Up For A Ballet Class? Seven Tips To Prep For Success And Fun!

Female ballet dancer

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “ballet class?” If you’re like most people you may instantly conjure up images of intense studio time, trying to master difficult moves and positions, as well as tights, leggings and hair buns. Yes, participating in a ballet class at any level can be a challenging endeavor. However, it is possible to effectively prepare for success, no matter where your skill level currently lies. Knowing a few helpful tips when progressing through your ballet class can help you best prepare for success, and for having fun!

When Starting Your Session, It’s Important To:

Gear Up: What’s the first thing to do before any type of dancing experience? Make sure that you have the right gear. The right gear will always help you to be successful. Taking a ballet class means having some specific apparel and shoes for comfort and, most importantly, safety. Keeping your hair out of the way, as well as wearing the proper tights, leotards, and soft slippers can instantly get you ready to succeed in the studio. You will also want to include a water bottle as part of your routine to stay hydrated throughout the session.

Listen To Your Instructor: Whatever the skill level in your studio session, you will be given a lot of instruction by your teacher. It’s important to stay focused. Pay careful attention to your teacher and take notes after the session. This will help you keep up with any new techniques you’re learning in the class.

Build Your Strength: This type of dance requires extensive strength from its dancers. Taking the time to build your strength can help you to be more successful during to your time in the studio. Talk to your instructor about various exercises you can do to build muscle and strengthen your body as you learn.

Improve Your Balance: Beyond strength, you will also need to improve your overall balance in order to achieve the maximum results in the studio. Use the barre in the studio to help you get the right positioning, and then try the move without it to help increase your balance.

Extend Your Flexibility: It’s no secret that a ballet class requires impressive flexibility. Even if you weren’t born with natural flexibility, it is possible to improve it. Taking yoga and Pilates classes will help you extend your flexibility, as well as build core strength.

Practice: You don’t have to wait until your studio time to try out your newly acquired skills and techniques. In this particular case, practice really can mean perfect. Practice in between your time in the studio to master positions and moves faster.

Have Fun: Yes, ballet class can be a challenging and sometimes intense experience for dancers of every age and ability. However, it’s important to make sure you are ready to have fun, otherwise what’s the pointe? Go into every session with a great attitude and a positive spirit; it’s the best way to ensure that you are ready to learn, excel and have a great time.