Taking A Hip Hop Dance Class? How To Gear Up And Get Ready

Every style of dance brings with it its own unique set of requirements. A hip hop dance class is no exception. When getting ready to begin your movement education in a hip hop dance class, it’s imperative to know in advance what you’ll need to wear, bring, know and expect when entering the studio. Knowing a few key tips on how to gear up and get ready can give you the best opportunity for success.

When prepping for your upcoming hip hop dance class, consider:

What To Wear Above The Ankles

junge Frau tanzt Hip HopComfort proves crucial during your time in the studio. When suiting up for your hip hop class, you may want to leave shorts and any tight-fitting articles at home. Instead, always opt for function over fashion. Consider pairing sweatpants, stretch pants or other loose-fitting bottoms with a comfortable t-shirt or tank top, which often prove common attire for your session. In colder weather, you may want to consider wearing various layers to take off as you warm up to proactively prevent injury. Also, while you may feel like your outfit needs various accessories such as jewelry and/or caps, these items often get in the way of movement and become an instant hindrance. Bottom line, clean and comfy is the way to go; leave the unnecessary accessories at home to guarantee you are ready to learn and move without worry about extraneous garments.

What To Wear Below The Ankles

While shoes are always a critical component to any dancing classes, for this type of session, you really don’t have to purchase a pair of specialty dancing shoes. A simple pair of sneakers that you would wear to the gym during a workout is often the perfect accessory for your session. Just be sure to wear a pair with non-marking soles so you don’t scuff up the floor during your lesson.

What To Bring To A Hip Hop Dance Class

Of course, attire is just one thing to consider when in the studio; there are also some items that will be helpful to bring with you during your classes. A bottle of water is always a must. You also may want to think about bringing a gym towel, especially during the warmer weather seasons. Additionally, this type of dancing can also prove strenuous and burn a lot of calories, prompting many students to pack a snack for after their classes.

What To Know

As a new student to the dancing world, you may initially feel nervous or intimidated about entering your studio for the first time. This is perfectly normal. However, don’t let initial nervousness prevent you from pursuing your dancing dream. No matter your current age and experience, it’s important to know that reputable studios will make the transition from spectator to dancer an easy one. When screening various studios, look for ones that offer skilled, trained and certified instructors who have experience teaching students of all ages and of every kind of movement ability.