How Will Your Child Benefit from Learning Jazz Dance?

Tween Jazz Dancer in Rend

There are many misconceptions about dance and being a dancer. It’s sometimes perceived as being “fluffy” or not as rigorous as sports. However, dancers, from advanced students to instructors, know that this is far from the truth. In order to become a dancer, you need to be strong and fierce, and there’s nothing fluffy about it. Another misconception is that you only have one or two choices. This may have been true in the past, but now there are so many types of dance lessons to choose from.

Take a jazz dance class in Batavia, and learn more than just dance moves.

Ballet is the most recognized form of dance, but if that’s not your style, there are many other choices available to you. Jazz dance is one of those choices. Jazz is rooted in early American and Caribbean dance styles, and it’s a more contemporary mode of expression than Ballet. Fortunately it also has many of the same benefits as ballet, plus some of it’s own.

Your Child Will Burn Calories Faster

Childhood obesity is on the rise, but you can fight it by keeping your child active. Taking dance classes two times a week can burn up to 250 to 500 calories per session, but that’s not all! The more muscle your child builds, the more calories he or she will burn throughout the day. That brings us to our next advantage!

Your Child Will Have Stronger Muscles

Strong muscles are essential for being fit, plus they burn fat and calories more efficiently. Jazz dance strengthens the heart. This is good news, because if your child strengthens their heart, they’re less likely to have heart disease as an adult.  In addition to making your child’s muscles stronger, the movement in Jazz dance makes your child’s muscles more flexible. This means less sports injuries and better posture; which brings us to our next benefit!

Your Child Will Have Better Balance

Stronger muscles mean better balance and posture. This will also lead to less sports injuries, but it goes beyond this immediate benefit. Better balance and posture means less chance of developing hip, leg or back issues as an adult. Plus, a straight back helps you hold your head high, which is another advantage!

Your Child Will Have Greater Confidence

When your child takes Jazz dance lessons, they will hold their head high! Learning any kind of dance can help someone become more confident about their body and how their body moves. And in an age where kids have low self-confidence and poor body image, this is so important. Jazz dance also teaches a child how to both be in the spotlight and work as a team, which are invaluable lessons that reach far beyond the dance floor. These skills will put your child ahead of the game in high school, college, the workforce and beyond.

Your Child Will Have Less Stress

A little stress is motivating, too much is just plain damaging. Unfortunately even our kids know how detrimental stress can be in their lives. With tests scores, SATs, STEM school and college applications, our children are under more stress than generations before them. But Jazz dance lessons can effectively reduce stress, much like meditation or Yoga. Jazz requires you to let all of your other thoughts go and just focus on your movement. This helps your child to “un-cloud their mind,” lower their heart rate and reduce cortisol levels; so they return to their studies, tests and application essays with renewed calm and composure.